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The investment paid for itself in one job

According to bindery manager, Shaberahmed Bobat, of St Ives Direct, a small investment in 5 Spine Creasers from Technifold has made a 'massive' difference, helping them win a 5 million piece stitching job.

Says Bobat,"The investment paid for itself in one job. I would say that it has knocked about three quarters of the time off of fold and stitch jobs and we can keep a lot more work in-house. For this job we wouldn't have made the delivery if we had to send the work out."

Bobat added that the company will now be seeking similar long run lengths.

St Ives Direct

Problem Solved

"We were truly in tears trying to get rid of the cracking problem we faced on these jobs. We decided to try 2 of your Tri-Creasers on our Baumfolder…now I’m absolutely ecstatic! Problem solved. With your tools I don’t have to worry about the 1.5 million digital sheets our NexPress produces every month."

Michael Moran, Market Connections • Toronto, ON

We couldn't do it without our Technifold unit!

"I'm a real crybaby when it comes to scoring jobs and our clients are the best and pickiest of them all, so we demand and try to produce the best scoring and folding we can. By the way, we couldn't do it without our Technifold unit! Bar none it's saved my bacon on more than one job.

Thanks for listening!"

Christian Morrison, Pantry Press Inc. • Toronto, ON Canada

Better Results Than…Our Bobst Die Cutters

"On the first Job we ran with the Tri-Creasers, we got better results than we did scoring with our Bobst die cutters! Tremendous, very industry friendly products."

Jerry Long, PBM Graphics • Durham NC

We have already made our money back, after just 2 weeks!

"Since we have had the Spine-Creaser fitted to our ST450 we have saved so much time and effort; no longer do we put the covers through our cylinder and the finish to the spine is excellent. We have already made our money back, after just 2 weeks!"

Brian Clifton, Bindery Manager • Severnprint Ltd

It did everything it promised and saved countless headaches...

"I just received the Micro Perforator. Just a note to let you know that as expected, the perforator works extremely well. When I first took the plunge and ordered  the scoring attachment- way back when- I was skeptical and concerned that I may have thrown my money away. Luckily, it did everything it promised and saved countless headaches and sped up production. You can let people know that if anyone one has a folder in good condition and doesn't have one of the Technifold devices- they are wasting more money than the cost of the devices -not to mention the headaches and make-ready time of alternatives."

Chuck Gherman, Printing Arts Press • Mt Vernon OH
PIA Premier Print Award Winner and Print Excellence Award Winner

Literally increases your production by double or triple…

"I’ve been in the printing business now for 28 years...so I’ve got a pretty good knowledge but not a day goes by that something doesn’t come up or you look at something a different way than you used to.

Years ago, we brought in 2 Tri-Creasers from Andre...I had a series of stocks cut down and did a multitude of various folds, with the grain and against the grain. So from text weight up to cover weight...the results [using Tri-Creasers] were just as good as we were getting off of our die-cutters.

With the Multi-Tools you get the clean edge that does represent what a guillotine or a cutter would do when it cuts it to final size so it really helps with the finishing of the product. You can’t tell which side was in the middle or which side was on the end. What that does is it literally increases your production by double or triple.

And that is where, if you’ve got the advantages with using Tri-Creasers or Multi-Tools...we can turn a job around far quicker for our customers. And they see that it was on press on Monday and they’re getting it delivered on a Wednesday, where as it could have been Thursday or Friday if we were doing the job 1 up.

Once you have these attachments, there’s no going back. There is no back. There is only moving forward, and that’s why we have a good inventory of...Tri-Creasers and Multi-Tools for our folders.

We also have the Spine Creaser on the Muller, which has eliminated, at this point in time, thousands of jobs we would have had to run through our die-cutters...and it gives it the same finish that it would have had coming off the die cutter."

Marty McKewan, Hemlock Printers • Burnaby BC.