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Gripper Band Black M-59
Gripper Band Black M-59
Our Price: $41.00

M-59 Gripper Band Black fits on the following products:

-EZ Fit Tri-Creaser Herzog & Heymann 50mm, Herzog & Heymann 45mm, Horizon 30mm, Rosback 25mm, Shoei 35mm and -Fast Fit Tri-Creaser Rosback 25mm, Shoei 35mm and
-Micro Perforator Stahl 50mm, Rosback 25mm and
-Multi-Tool Perf, Cut & Crease Shoei 35mm and
-Multi-Tool Cut Herzog & Heymann 45mm, Shoei 35mm and
-Multi-Tool Perf Shoei 35mm and
-Multi-Tool Perf & Cut Shoei 35mm and
-Quad Creaser Harris New Style UB Binder
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